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Double MD5: 0 hashes
MD5: 30.338 hashes
SHA-1: 0 hashes
SHA-256: 0 hashes
SHA-512: 0 hashes
Triple MD5: 0 hashes
Total: 30.338 hashes

Last Update: 40s ago
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Welcome to the new X-Attack! beta (some features are still under development)

Here is an overview of the features you can already use:
» You can register your account (you will earn 1.000 CPs for registration)
» You can search for hashes (only 1 hash per query)
» You are able to upload your hash lists (up to 5.000 hashes each list, this will cost you some CPs)
» You are able to download lists of left hashes
» You are able to upload your cracked hashes (you will earn CPs for that)
» You can see an overview of your balance (earned and spent CPs)

Here is an overview of features that are still under development:
» Search for more than 1 hash per query
» Polls (Some community quenstions you are able to vote for)
» Help (detailed informations about each page and function)
» Page "Profile" (You can change your password or email address)
» Page "Forgot Password" (If you can no longer login you can reset your password)
» You will be able to buy some Crackpoints if your balance gets too low

Thank you for joining and have fun!

For questions, criticism and suggestions, write an email to neo[at]

Written at 03-17-2018 / 12:27 pm by X-Attack!